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Year 7 are Buzzing with New Books

Posted at 10:40 am on 17th November, 2022

Another Year of the Book Trust Scheme

For the third year in a row, Wellacre is proud to be part of The Book Trust’s Bookbuzz scheme. 

Yr 7 Bookbuzz 11 crop.png Yr 7 Bookbuzz 10 crop.png

Bookbuzz allows every Year 7 student to choose a free book from 17 contemporary fiction and nonfiction titles.  This has proved an extremely popular programme at Wellacre, as our students always enjoy browsing the books before making their all important choice and count down the days until it arrives!

Yr 7 Bookbuzz 9 crop.png  Yr 7 Bookbuzz 6 crop.png

This year, the most popular choices were Marcus Rashford's “You Are A Champion” and the latest Alex Rider book “Alex Rider Mission 13: Nightshade.”

Wellacre supports the Bookbuzz programme as it aligns with our aim to inspire a love of reading in school and at home. The wide range of titles, from non-fiction reads for curious minds to fast-paced page-turners, ensures that Bookbuzz has something for everyone.

Year 7 students were really pleased to receive their free books in English lessons. 

Yr 7 Bookbuzz 8 crop.png  Yr 7 Bookbuzz 5 crop.png


“I picked ‘Tragedy at Sea’ and it tells the story of the Titanic. I know about how it sank but I’ve read the first chapter and I’ve learnt a lot more facts.”


“I chose my book because it looked interesting - the front cover picture pulls you in and the title was really catchy.”


“I’m reading the Marcus Rashford book because it inspires and motivates me - the book is all about me!”


“My book is about a secret agent and says it’s got action, adrenaline and adventure.  I’ve not read an Alex Rider book before but it looks really good.”

Yr 7 Bookbuzz 7 crop.png

Mrs Stirling, Leader of Whole School Literacy, has been selected to join the Book Trust panel to handpick the selection of accessible titles for 2023’s Bookbuzz.  Not only will Mrs Stirling be able to broaden her knowledge of children’s books, Wellacre will also receive an additional 35 books to boost the school’s library stock. 

Yr 7 Bookbuzz 4 crop.png   Yr 7 Bookbuzz 3 crop.png

Mrs Stirling said:

“I am delighted to join the Bookbuzz panel, as this is a chance to continue our great relationship with The Book Trust, who we have really enjoyed working with. This is a fantastic opportunity to expand our understanding of children’s fiction and non-fiction titles, which will also further strengthen our dyslexia-friendly resources and status."

  Yr 7 Bookbuzz 2 crop.png

Principal Mrs Sharrock added:

“Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at Wellacre.  It gives me great pleasure to see students reading books which have truly captured their attention. We also welcome contemporary fiction and non-fiction books in good condition for our library. If anyone would like to donate, please contact us.”

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